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The International Order of Alhambra, Local Caravan Padul #69, is a Catholic Fraternal organization of men and women from throughout Hampton Roads dedicated to assisting the work of the Catholic Church, supporting intellectually disabled persons and providing a social forum for its members and their families. The Order currently has members in the United States and Canada.

Membership is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements of the Order and has a desire to do charitable work while having fun doing it.

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Here are some important Questions and Answers related to membership eligibility:

Q: Who can become a member in the International Order of Alhambra?
A: Any Catholic, 18 years of age or older, who is in good standing in the Catholic Church; Election to membership is open to any such individual, in a Caravan of his or her choice, provided he or she complies with the initiation ceremony requirements and the Order’s governing documents.

Q: What are the initiation ceremony requirements?
A: Upon acceptance of the application of a prospective member by a Caravan, arrangements are made by the caravan to hold an initiation ceremony.

Q: What cost is involved in becoming a member, and how much is it?
A: The cost of membership varies with each Caravan based on their activities and administrative costs. The initial cost of becoming a member is usually related to the annual dues, cost of the Fez and where the ceremony is held. The International Order places a nominal one-time $10.00 fee for each new member, and an annual per capita assessment on Caravans for each member of record. The current per capita amount, billed annually to Caravans, is $51.00 (in U.S. Currency.) Caravan annual dues are $22.00, plus per capita amount, for a total of $73.00.

Contact us for more information, email J.R. Black at or call 757-374-9251.

Supporting Local Organizations

Since 2003 Padul Caravan #69 has donated over $159,000 to local organizations that help and support the intellectually disabled children and adults. Many organizations in the Hampton roads area have benefited from the work Padul Caravan #69 does. Over the past 14 years $98,000 was donated to St. Mary's Home. Special Olympics has received $22,000 to help support basketball, track and field and swimming. Equikids Virginia Beach horse back riding for intellectually disabled children received $1,750 in support of their program.

The involvement in the Hampton roads area continues. To date $6,500 has been donated to help Homes/BizNet build a home for 26 intellectually disabled Adults in Virginia Beach. Along with that Padul Caravan #69 has donated $3,000 to Eggleston service. Padul Caravan #69 has also provided the CLASP dance $4,100 for food and music, allowing young intellectually disabled adults to enjoy an evening of fun.

A Prayer for "God's Special People"

Lord, be with the handicapped in their trials.
Lighten their hearts and protect them from harm and hurt.
Bolster their confidence and strength,
Help them find satisfaction in what they do.
Make us more aware of their gifts,
More sensitive to their needs,
More willing to reach out to them.
May they always be a reminder of our own
Dependence on you
And of your deep and enduring love for all of us.