Serving the Intellectually Disabled in Hampton Roads

Through social activities which celebrate camaraderies, the International Order of Alhambra, Local Caravan Padul #69, takes great pride in assisting persons in Hampton Roads with Intellectually disabilities. Padul #69 emphasizes family involvement and our vibrant Catholic faith during all of our charitable programs and events. We enrich our lives and our commitment to the Lord by making a difference for “God’s Special People.”

Since 2003, Padul #69 has donated over $159,000 to local organizations that help and support intellectually disabled children and adults. Many organizations in the Hampton Roads area have benefited from the work Padul #69 does. Over the past 14 years, $98,000 was donated to St. Mary's Home. Special Olympics has received $22,000 to help support basketball, track and field as well as swimming. In addition, Equikids Virginia Beach, which provides horse back riding for intellectually disabled children received $1,750 in support of their program.

The involvement in the Hampton Roads area continues. To date $6,500 has been donated to help Hearts and Homes/BizNet build a home for 26 intellectually disabled adults in Virginia Beach. Also Padul #69 has donated $3,000 to Eggleston Services. In addition Padul #69 has also provided food, music and $4,100 for the CLASP dance, allowing young intellectually disabled adults to enjoy a fun evening out.


Alhambra Caravan Padul #69 is involved in many worthy events throughout Hampton Roads. One of the most popular projects is the Special Olympics, where Padul #69 provides and serves lunch for the athletes, as well as underwrites team uniforms. Feature sports include basketball, baseball, and outdoor track and field competitions. We also support the Nimmo Swim Team, St Mary's Home and the Eggleston Center. In addition, we donate to the Hearts and Home/Biznet and CLASP.

Fellowship is important to the Alhambra Caravan Padul #69. Several annual events are held to promote the feeling of community including the Founders Day Mass and brunch as well as the Memorial Day Mass and brunch. Other popular activities include an annual yard sale run by the Sultanas, family picnic, Christmas party and Incoming/Outgoing dinner for elected Caravan officials. Friendship, goodwill and companionship are a key part of our success.

Heart of Alhambra Down Syndrome PSA

Hear from three children, ages 12-15 years old, how the Order of Alhambra faithfully serves the Intellectually disabled community. Created from the point of view of a child with a brother with Down syndrome, this short, animated public service announcement highlights the charitable work of Alhambra members all over the world.